2002-2003 Opportunity Grant Winners

2002-2003 Opportunity Grants

The Foundation began the 2002-2003 school year by awarding 34 Opportunity Grants to 66 teachers in 10 of the district schools. Winning teachers used the grant money to purchase equipment and supplies needed to conduct their various classroom enrichment projects.
Since the Grant program was created seven years ago, the 112 Foundation has awarded over 200 grants, totaling over $90,000 to more than half the District’s teaching staff. To date, just about every student in District 112 has participated in one or more of these projects.


Enola Patterson – Leapfrog to Literacy

Judy Weiden – Website American Art Gallery
Glenn Fortson
Esther Ignacio

Audrey Rozen – Oral Motor Skills

Kathy Feldheim – African Folklore

Edith de Castro – Latin American Folklore

Oak Terrace

Jamie Bernardi – Exploration of Ocean Life
Heather Schultz

Jamie Bernardi – Beginning Reading Stations 
Molly Heffernan
Jennifer Preschern

Connie Mordini- Heroes of the Holocaust 
Esther Weiner
Mary Jane Thompson
Steve Abbott
Karla Pollard
Mindy Karon

Indian Trail

Ronna Nitekman – Mentor Tutor Program 
Nancy Carson
Beverly Ramirez
Judy Harrison

Elizabeth Miller – Think Fever

Michelle Resendes – Under the Sea

Deanna Prestinario – Xciting Xcavations!

Red Oak

Deborah Kisor – Se lleva la palma 
Andrea Feldman
Susan Ozawa
Lois Podell- Pitler

Nydia Burgo – Muchas pequenas lecturas hacen un gran lector

Pamela Kramer – Sheakespeare on 5th


Deborah Eisen – Latino Dance Troupe
Maria Garcia
Jasmine Wad
Kristina Enstrom

Maggie Wade- Art Club
Tad Grabnik

Chris Janzen – Preservation Partners
Gina Perlman
Joel Goldberger
Herman Cordova
Deborah Eisen