The Reel 112 Film Festival

Reel 112 Film Festival

The Reel 112 Film Festival showcases the creative work of NSSD112 elementary and middle school filmmakers and is held every May at the Renaissance Theater in Highland Park. The goal of the program is to expose students to the art of storytelling and self-expression through film, often resulting in compelling films that highlight the issues and concerns of tweens and teens.

The 2023 Reel 112 Film Festival is scheduled for Monday, May 15 (tentative date). Films must be submitted by Friday, April 14 to be considered for this year’s event. 

Middle school films must be created either during a CMA class rotation or through the Edgewood or Northwood Film Clubs.

Elementary films may be submitted directly to the 112 Education Foundation or to the school librarian.


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Address by Milos Stehlik, Founder of Facets Multimedia at the 2018 Reel 112 Film Festival.