2011-2012 Opportunity Grant Winners


D112 Administration

Exploring Alternative Styles of Orchestra                                                                Elizabeth Duke

Students will learn to combine the traditional world of acoustic orchestra with the contemporary amplified music of our time, both classics as well as the students own.



Castles in the Air                                                                                                      Carolyn Lorence

Students will have the opportunity to create their own multi-media book based on inspiration drawn from visiting poet Bonnie Koloc.


Elm Place


Family Literacy Backpacks                                                                Amanda Wiehl and Lori Wyatt

This project is intended to engage family members in the educational advancement of their children through leveled backpacks with materials, games, literature and activities designed to close the gap between English Language Learners and mainstream students.


The Japanese Art Form                                                                                     Suzanne Greenwald

Students will learn to appreciate and connect the simplicity and beauty of Japanese art  and poetry including Haiku and Tanka.


Utilizing iPads to Enhance Learning                                                                        Michelle Weiner

Incorporating the iPad in instruction will empower students with special needs to build reading and writing skills using a range of applications and on-line content.


Viva Mexico, Viva America! Bringing life to a Mexican Tradition                            Daniella Valdez

This project is an art integrated approach to studying Mexican culture and the Dia de los Muertos holiday.




Green Bay School


Bear Buddies                                                                                                                   Mirela Vesa

Buddy program between STEP pre-school students and 2nd grade students at Indian Trail to promote social and language development through lunchtime and structured play activities.


Hug a Book – Abrazando un Libro                                                                                 Erika Moran

The project will create a bridge between home and school and promote literacy.




Indian Trail

Claps for Apps                                                                                                                   Beth Heile

The STEP program will use applications for the iPad specifically designed for students with disabilities, autism, and/or cognitive impairments.  The apps will be used during all areas of academic instruction, including reading, math, social studies and science.


Geometric Magnatile Madness                                                                                     Christine Buti

Students will use magnatiles in mastering the standard of identifying a 3-D shape when presented with a net.


A Night of Reading Around the World                           Mary Lesser, Laura Golden and Bree Twill

This project extends IT’s Diversity Week to include a family night where students and their families will be given a “passport” to explore different cultures through literature.


On the Road: Roving Theatre                                                                                         Karen Grost

Students will pick a piece of literature, adapt it into a script, prepare a play and perform it for local early childhood centers.


Simple Machine Architects                                 Deanna Prestinario, Erica Sidell and Julie Knotek

Students will work in small groups to recreate simple machines from K’nex building kits.






Drumming up a Multicultural Exploration                                                                 Janet Lubetkin

Innovative way of developing listening skills, leadership and teamwork through learning drum ensembles from West African and other cultures as well as creating original fabric design and a clay mural


Northwood School


Chez Northwood                                                                                                           Noelle Young

Chez Northwood culminates in the design, set up and running of an authentic French Café by students who are relegated to speak only in French to each other and to patrons.  Ooh la la!  Come taste the crepes!



Roots Fest 2012                                                              Carolyn Frye, Sara Stoller, Carly Solomon

Roots Fest is a unique opportunity for Northwood students to celebrate commonalities and differences from a variety of cultures.  The activities will view culture through the energetic and captivating lens of visual and performance art, music, and drama.



Star Lab                                                                                                            Mary Jane Thompson

Starlab is a portable planetarium.  It is an inflatable dome that uses a cylinder projector to project images onto a dark canvas background.  Students enter this dome to learn through a multisensory approach about a variety of topics including solar systems and greek mythology.



Oak Terrace School


Cocinando con Matemáticas (Cooking With Math)                                                         Erica Brady

Interdisciplinary application of math, science, reading and writing skills to explore the different elements of food, cooking, and nutrition in classroom activities and in daily life.  Project culminates in a cookbook.


Kindergarten Spanish Language Development                                                          Sharon Rzyski

Spanish speaking kindergartners and their families will use creative language learning activities and games at home to improve language acquisition skills and their overall kindergarten experience.



Nutrition Education Grant                                                                                          Judith Amidei

A program designed to teach students the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition.  This project will connect education and community partnerships in an effort to reduce child obesity and the risks associated with this disease.


Rocket Into Reading                                                                                                   Barbara Beard

Students in the Reading Support Program will use Ipad technology as a reading intervention to launch into phonics, phonemic awareness and fluency lessons via fun and creative interactive applications.



Unidos Podemos                                                                                                          Mayra Tristan

This project was created especially for Latino parents and students at Oak Terrace to teach strategies, methods and specific vocabulary to parents so they can better assist their children at home.





Golfer’s Geometry                                                                                                      Merissa Martin

Students will build a life-size mini golf hole using geometry and measurement concepts learned in the classroom.


Pack the Sack                                                                                                                   Amy March

Students will participate in a 25-week program where they take home a backpack with a storybook and activities to support literacy development.  In school, teachers will use the Earobics in their literacy centers as part of the program.


Storytelling in Kindergarten                                                                                   Melinda Donelan

Students will be engaged in a yearlong study of the art of storytelling. They will learn how to express themselves creatively, and speak effectively.  Professional storyteller, Dot Kane, will conduct workshops.


Red Oak

Creating an iPod Through Reading                                                                                 Kate Strong

Developing students’ love of reading and fluency with the use of technology.  Students create pod casts of them reading and then listen to the pod cast on iPods to self-correct.


Family Poetry Night                                                                                                   Linda Diamond

Families will come together to participate in many aspects of poetry. They will create and share their work in a common experience.


Parent/Student Workshops                                                                               Nadia DeHaro Vega

The home/school connection in action!  Project will provide parents with strategies and tools to help support learning at home.  Parents and students will both attend a reading fluency workshop.



Reading Stars/Estrellas de Lectura                                                     Kristin O’Rourke Salamanca

A daily “book in the bag/libros y lectura en casa” program designed to develop solid reading routines in the homes of families in need.  The program provides positive reinforcement to students with reading incentives, literacy games, and progress certificates.



Wayne Thomas School


Creating an “iPod” Through Reading                                 Dorene Ochsner Johnson, Emily Hales

Students will create podcasts of readings to increase fluency and comprehension skills and strategies.


Engaging and Interactive Math Instruction                                                              Bill Steinbach

This school wide program helps students get excited about learning math concepts.  It aims to capitalize on fun interactive methods to help teachers target students of all levels to improve their math skills.



Gardening with Wisconsin Fast Plants                       Katelyn Kearns, Mindy Kirsch,                                                                                                  Christopher Busch, Julianne Hettich

Students will receive hands on experience planting flowers, learning lab concepts and tracking growth cycles on this unusual plant species which matures in 28 days.


Literacy Discoveries – Bingo                                           Dorene Ochsner Johnson, Wendy Tepper

Students will benefit from a variety of activities that address reluctant and struggling readers as well as those performing at or above grade level.  This program teaches skills including decoding, predicting outcomes and context clues – all within a non-traditional and engaging learning environment.