2007-2008 Opportunity Grants

The Foundation began the 2006-2007 school year by awarding 34 grants and one Super Grant to 85 teachers in 10 of the district schools. Winning teachers used the grant money to purchase equipment and supplies needed to conduct their various classroom enrichment projects. Since the Grant program was created eleven years ago, the 112 Education Foundation has awarded over 314 grants, totaling over $152,000 to more than half the District’s teaching staff. To date, just about every student in District 112 has participated in one or more of these projects.

Edgewood Middle School

Forensics Lab intro 
Through a variety of fun and engaging activites that mirror the world of CSI (crime scene investigators) students will learn about biotechnology.
Maureen Miller, Maribeth Carlini

Hats & Scarf Project
Student create fleece hats and scarves to donate to needy children.
Deborah Figge

Feeding Children Worldwide
Students will participate in a service project that will feed needy children worldwide while teaching the importance of good nutrition.
Deborah Figge, Jo Owens

Elm Place

Elm Place After School Program 
After school activities are provided in a safe and supervised environment to allow students an opportunity to develop a stronger connection to their school.
Vanessa Przybyla, Maggie Wade

A Walk Through the Streets of Harlem
(Super Grant Winner) 
This innovative super grant takes an integrated approach to art education by uncovering the unique period of American history known as the Harlem Renaisance.  Students will develop an understanding of this American cultural movement through performing the music, studying the musicians and exploring the art of this time period.  Students involved in this unique project will be part of Elm Place’s second annual Arts Collaboration Night.
Daniella Valdez, Beth Lucker, Matt Taylor, Nick Filipowski

Photography as a Window and Mirrow 
Students will use photography and writing as tools for self awareness, self expression, communication, creativity and sharing of ideas.
Suzanne Greenwald

Japenese Art Form 
Students will connect the simplicity and beauty of Japanese art with two traditional forms of poetry.
Suzanne Greenwald

Big Changes, Big Choices – 7th Grade 
A grade level activity aimed to promote literacy by addressing social and academic decisons of 7th graders through the discussion of a book that the students read over the summer.
Amy Pesis, Esther Kusy-Leavitt, Mary Martha Hancock, Jakie Schlosberg, Cheryl Levi, Jan Foughner, Jeanne Murphy, Charles Smith, Cindy Baggio, Lori Wyatt

Changes Create Choices – 8th Grade 
All 8th grade students will be given a  book to read over the summer that will be the impetus of studying a year long theme of making good choices.
Amy Pessis, Jan Copithorne, Debbie Miller
Bobbie Zimring, Lori Wyatt, John Whitehead
Kim Trent, Adam Bergmann, Jan Foughner
Juan Pablio Parodi

Poetry in Motion
Students create a poetry book by writing about
pictures they have taken.  They will also learn haiku and use Japanese style brushes to paint pictures in their books to complement their poems.
Jane Scheff

Indian Trail

Mentor Program
Highland Park High School students serve as mentors for at risk or special needs students in this after school program that has been successful for over 20 years!
Ronna Nitekman, Beverly Ramirez, Bree Twill, Sandi Trachtman

Electricity Comes Alive! 
Students employ technological design principles to create an electronic quiz board that integrates skills across a variety of curriculum areas.
Merle Arenson, Craig Lucci, Linda Diamond

Ecology in Action – Restoring the Native Oak Savannah
Students will be involved in research that centers on the native habitats and varieties of plants that are suited for our environment while exploring the benefits of restoration of native species through hands-on activities.
Merle Arenson

Family Poetry Night 
Professional poetry performance sparks poetry writing and culminate with an evening presentation for students and their families.
Linda Diamond, Marcy Leser

“Flashy” iBooks and iMovies Buddy Fun
A buddy activity between 3rd and 5th grade students that will teach students how to use iBook and iMovie while promoting Character Counts skills.
Bobbie Jensen, Erica Magit

Bridge to Learning 
Students can participate in this after school activity to learn bridge, which is not only fun but can contribute to improved memory, concentration and ability to develop and modify plans.
Cheryl Bergman

Literacy Alive! 
Teachers and students read aloud a collection of books that are recorded onto DVD’s which can be checked out to use at home.
Kari Gilbert, Merle Arenson, Alison Gordon,
Liz Belkind, Janet Vanarsdale, Tracy Hubbard

Sherwood School

Dancing all around Sherwood
A unique program that will implement dancing in the PE curriculum through the use of technology.
Danny Jesselson

Experience Spanish Culture through the Classics
Students will study the classics of Spanish literature.
Manuel Hernandez

Green Bay School

Sparking the Spirit between Young & Old
Our youngest District 112 students will participate in projects that promote Character Counts skills by working with seniors who attend the adult day care center at the Green Bay Pavillion.
Sherri Offenbach

Northwood Middle School

Northwood Cooks 
7th grade students will develop a cookbook that will be used as a basis for sharing culturral experiences and traditions.  Proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will benefit charity groups.
Ellyn OsherValerie Fairbairn, Mary Hoyer,
Scott Meek, Nicole Bingham, Tad Grabnick,
Sharon London, Kathleen Mandell, Steve Wolf,
Santiago Rubio, Penny Adis, Jean Burns,
Betty Reich, Renato Villanueva

Student Skills for 6th Grade
6th graders will be taught to use music as a strategy for learning different aspects of the curriculum.
Randi Kanter

Starlab Portable Planetarium
A portable planetarium is constructed that will allow students the opportunity to learn through a multisensory approach about topics across the curriculum.
Mary Jane Thompson

Preservation Partners
Students participate in a year long interdisciplinary,
outdoor learning experience that will also provide the opportunity to interact with educational leaders in the Forest Preserve.
Gina Perlman,Robin Ruken,Vikki LoMonaco,
Linda Stickler, Todd Middendorf, Rachel Frank,
Angie Morris, Susan Sitrick, Karen Dubofsky

Multicultural Club
An after school activity aimed at helping students develop a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the diverse cultures within their school community and throughout the world.
Mary Jane Thompson, Raji Prasad

The 6th grade student body will attend the King Tut exhibit at the Field Museum as an enrichment activity to their study of ancient Egyptian life.
Jon Mall

Wayne Thomas

Experience Spanish Culture through the Classics
Students will study the classics of Spanish literature.
Manuel Hernandez

Oak Terrace School

Read naturally – Literacy Support — This exciting and powerful program will be used as a supplement to the 4th grade Guided Reading Program at Oak Terrace school. The main objective is to increase studentÕs reading fluency. Research supports a direct correlation between reading fluency and reading comprehension. Student’s comprehension levels should increase as a result of using this program. The program will also be used as a source for differentiating the curriculum in the lower and higher grades. Molly Sutherland, Donna Einhorn, Patricia Castano, Barbara Beard, Jennifer IkensHealth Promotion through Hygiene, Nutrition and Dental Care — Students will meet with school nurse to learn how proper hygiene, nutrition and dental habits can keep them healthy. Glo worm kits will be used to teach effective hand washing.Judy AmideiGifted Artists — This unique program is designed to provide a forum for academically at-risk children to display their artistic talents while developing good leadership and communication skills. Children will meet as a team to design special group art projects. A team leader is chosen for each project and is responsible for running the meetings and checking on each memberÕs progress. An evaluation session takes place at the conclusion of the project so the team can look at how they can work more effectively in the future Jamie DiCarlo, Laura McKevitt, Jennifer Preschern, Kristin Pressman

Girls on the Run – Team Support — This national program encourages enhance physical and mental health through exercise. This program is in its second year at Oak Terrace. It has made a very strong impact on the young participants. Goals of this program include teaching girls to have a strong sense of identity, cooperation within a group, as well as developing a positive body image. Participants train to complete a 5K run. Jamie DiCarlo, Molly Heffernan, Jamie Kellog, Jennifer Preschern, Molly Sutherland

Lincoln School

Art and Visual Thinking — First and second graders become accomplished art critics studying art reproductions and visiting the art museum.
Linda White

Clay Animation — First grade students produce a clay animation film with the help of fourth grade buddies.
Linda White

Literacy Builds Character — Working in large and small groups, students will participate in guided reading activities using non-fiction materials.
Darla Dieter, Victoria Loos

Ravinia School

Differentiating Education Through Literacy
Leveled books are used to teach research skills that will help students gain a stronger understanding of content material.
Andrea Dunning, Alayna Weinstein, Dennis Brosseau

A Power Point Exhibition and Student Space Odyssey
Students will prepare a power point presentation with slides focusing on their analysis and synthesis of research on space exploration on the moon and Mars.
Rhonda L. Stern, Marek Trela

Braeside School

Write With an Author 
Local author will share the writing and publishing process with students who will use this guidance as they write their own manuscripts.
Ann Shimojima, PJ Prevo, Bryan Wagner

Red Oak School

Celebrating Native Cultures through Art, Legends & Storytellling
This project will integrate social studies and art in order to create a meaningful study on native cultures in the United States, with an emphasis on legends and storytelling.
Judith Solomon, Jason Lawry, Marina Palomo,
Andrea Feldman

Reading Under the Stars/Leyendo Bajo Estrellas
This family literacy project will provide activities to help parents learn how to promote a love for reading with their children while developing a stonger connection to their school community.
Kristin Salamanca, Chelo Perkins, Patricia Castano, Nita Goodman

From Superheroes to Super Readers
High quality graphic books will be used to help engage more students in reading.
Deborah Kisor

Experience Spanish Culture through the Classics
Students will study the classics of Spanish literature.
Marina Palomo