The Books and Cooks program at Indian Trail school, supported by a 112 Education Foundation Grant, exposes 1st and 2nd graders to different cultures through a combination of interesting reading and creative and delicious food preparation.  In this weekly program, put together by Ms. Knotek, students read a book together about a different culture, highlighting some of the cultural differences and similarities between our country and another.  The children are taught how to prepare a snack that is representative of the culture that they read about on that day. For example, recently the Books and Cooks read a book comparing and contrasting American and Japanese culture, and then they learned how to make fruit sushi with bananas, vanilla yogurt, and fruity pebbles. After making and eating their dish, the students drew a picture of the food that they made in their Books and Cooks Cookbook, where the recipes are provided for them. Not only does this program provide yummy food and cooking lessons, but it also introduces young students to new and different cultures.  The class ultimately aims to teach the students tolerance and an understanding that although people may live differently throughout the world, cultural differences should be embraced and accepted.